Our Misson

Iconic Cheer Elite was founded with a mission to invest in New York City's youth by providing a dynamic, competitive all-star cheerleading program based in Brooklyn, through which, its members will have the opportunity to make better health, social and academic decisions and thereby become productive members of society.  Our belief is simple; when youth have a sport that they enjoy, they work hard at it, leading to improved athleticism, academic performance and social-emotional growth.

Our Owners                                                          

Iconic Cheer Elite is a dynamic All-Star cheerleading program founded and operated by an equally dynamic group of women who are all FBI background checked and cleared, CPR/AED, Concussion and Heat Safety, USASF Certified coaches with years of college cheering and college coaching experience.  The program was founded by Shirley Blanc, Tonika Simmons, Ornesha Watson and Alison Williams in the Summer of 2016. Iconic Cheer Elite, however, was a long time in the making as these four women have known each other for over a decade --meeting under the auspice of the Brooklyn College Cheerleading program. Iconic strives to contribute to the athlete as a complete, well-rounded individual; catering to both the physical and character development.


"Iconic Cheer Elite means a lot to me but most importantly it means a second home and a second family where we do everything together; laugh, push through pain and frustration and of course cheer together, which means the world to me."

Davon ,19

Brooklyn, N.Y.

"Iconic Cheer Elite means cheering with your friends and family and learning together. Family forever."

Tahani, 10

Brooklyn, N.Y.

"Iconic Cheer Elite is the combination of the greatest sport and family. We build together, we fly together, we stunt together like only family can. It's Iconic!"

Ms. Latoya, Program Mom

Brooklyn, N.Y.